About us

Authentic Japanese Cuisine!
Veteran Chefs more than 25 years experience!
Awarded one of San Marcos’ eateries known as Restaurant Row and voted best sushi bar by the sdinsider.com in 2002.
Since 1980’s, Katsu Seafood and Steakhouse has served all kinds of Japanese food styles such as sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, Katsu special hibachi grill menu and more… You may discover your new favorite Japanese dish here. Its screne atmosphere is ideal for a casual meal with friends or for entertaining special guests. Our heatwarming service is also our pride.
Food is imbued with the feeling and personality of the cook. Katus chefs are quite sure that you would never be able to perfectly recreate the same flavors and textures that they make.
In order to keep up with the times and the diversity of our guests, Katsu offers a menu filled with items using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.